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Must-Try Wines from Crozet Wineries

October 11, 2022  |  Chiswell Farm & Winery

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With its fertile soil and temperate climate, Virginia Wine Country is home to dozens of stellar wineries and vineyards. Our Crozet community is particularly special, featuring a stunning array of varietals and a unique setting beneath the Blue Ridge skyline.

To better appreciate our regional bounty, we’re taking a mini tour of Crozet wineries to sample our neighbors’ new, unique, and award-winning wines.

Colonel Richard Tannat at Grace Estate Winery

the colonel wine at grace estate, a crozet winery

Prefer a hearty red wine? Then you’ll love the earthy flavor of the 2019 Colonel Richard Tannat. Grace Estate is one of the few Virginia wineries that grow Tannat grapes, making this wine one to seek out and savor.

Grace Estate joined us on the podium in the 2022 Monticello Wine Cup with their Colonel Richard, as well as the 2018 Le Gras Cuvee and 2018 Gange-Rolv Viognier. Each of these varietals has a distinct flavor profile—you may just need a flight to sample each one!

Plan a day trip to Crozet and savor the sips of Virginia Wine Country! Visit the Monticello Wine Trail website for a map of Crozet wineries.

Cabernet Franc at White Hall Vineyards

2017 cabernet franc from white hall vineyards, a crozet winery

White Hall Vineyards is known for using mature grapes to produce wines with a rich, fruit-forward taste that’s rare among Virginia wineries. Their 2017 Cabernet Franc is no exception, leading with bright notes of sweet cherry and closing with a smooth finish.

Located 13 miles outside Charlottesville, it’s a beautiful spot to escape the hustle of downtown. White Hall is a dog-friendly venue, so bring your furry friend to relax alongside you in the shaded picnic area!

Tavern at Septenary Winery at Seven Oaks Farm

tavern port from septenary winery in crozet

We didn’t have to travel far for a taste of this sweet, port-style dessert wine. Situated on a historic farm in Greenwood, Virginia, Septenary Winery at Seven Oaks Farm is our closest neighbor in the Crozet winery community!

Like other port wines, the Tavern is fortified with brandy. Why? Adding brandy pauses the fermentation at just the right level of sugar (aka sweetness). Its sweet, smooth flavor profile is the perfect fit for holiday sipping by the fireplace.

Crosé at King Family Vineyards

crose at king family vineyards

Just a bit further down the road from Chiswell is King Family Vineyards, another family-owned Crozet winery. Their aptly named Crosé is a crisp, Merlot-based rosé that you can purchase by bottle, glass, or can.

The winery’s sprawling setting often hosts large group gatherings and events. This includes tailgates for Sunday polo matches, which are made particularly convenient by the winery’s cans of Crosé!

Petit Manseng at Chiswell Farm & Winery

2021 petit manseng release at chiswell farm & winery

The 2020 Petit Manseng was among our most popular wines, winning silver in the Monticello Wine Cup alongside our 2020 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2020 Rosé. If you missed the iconic 2020 vintage, have no fear: our 2021 varietal was just released this September!

While Petit Manseng is typically known for its sweetness, ours features an off-dry flavor profile perfectly complemented by notes of lemon, pineapple, and vanilla. Sample this refreshing white from whichever spot you like best: at a dining table on the lawn, in a rocking chair on our covered porch, or in one of our cozy indoor seats.

Craving a glass of wine and have your little ones in tow? Visit the Carter Mountain Wine Shop at our sister venue, Chiles Peach Orchard.

Has our whirlwind tour left you wondering what other experiences there might be in the world of Crozet wineries? Well, the inauguration of our very own Wine Club is just around the corner! Sign up for our Wine Club newsletter for more info about what’s coming up.