Donation Requests

We are proud to be active in and supportive of our local community. As you can imagine, we get many worthwhile requests for contributions, and while we would love to support them all, it is impossible to do so.

All requests for donations must be received in writing via email (, at least 30 days in advance of the event. Requests must be from non-profits or charitable groups. We will not be able to support or respond to your request if you don’t meet this criteria. Please use official letterhead. Your request must explain the mission of your organization, information about the event in general, and how our donation will be used. Proof of your tax-exempt status must be included in your donation packet.

Past support of an event or organization does not guarantee future support.

We review donation requests bi-weekly and will notify you if we are able to honor your request for donation.

If we are able to support your event, arrangements will then be made for you to pick up the donation. A receipt for tax purposes must be supplied to us.

Thank you for including us as a community partner.