Crown Club

An opportunity to savor and celebrate wine, this club is about sharing the fruits of Virginia Wine Country with a tight-knit community.

Our family works closely with Crown Club members to facilitate experiences that bring the wine community closer together. Learn about and sip on your favorite varietals, all while appreciating their respective growing processes and sharing this wonder with other wine lovers. 

Crown Club Perks

Quarterly Wine Trios

Receive a curated selection of three Carter Mountain or Chiswell wines every Club Quarter (November, February, May, and August) to reflect the spirit of the season.

Quarterly Pickup Events

Meet other Crown Club members and celebrate recent releases at pickup events, which will rotate between Chiswell Farm & Winery, Carter Mountain Orchard, and Chiles Peach Orchard.

Wine is currently available for pickup only—stay tuned for shipping information in 2023!

Sparkling wine cheers at Chiswell

Complimentary Wine

Receive a complimentary glass of your favorite wine at pickup celebrations, on the anniversary of your Crown Club signup, and during the week of your birthday.

Crown Club is all about community. Share experiences with a friend at any of our locations on the week of THEIR birthday, and THEY get a complimentary glass of wine!

Early Access

Get insider intel for new vintages from Chiswell Farm & Winery and Carter Mountain Wine. Plus, get advanced notice for events at all of our venues!

Exclusive Events

In addition to quarterly pickups, members-only events may be hosted throughout the year as an opportunity to celebrate our shared love of food and wine.

Subscription Details

Your card will automatically be charged on the first day of the month of Club Quarter (November, February, May, and August).

Chiswell Farm & Winery respectfully requests a one-year minimum commitment.

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