Available at: Chiles Peach Orchard

We planted our blackberry bushes at Chiles Peach Orchard in 2023 and are excited to open the fields to berry lovers for pick your own Virginia blackberries! Weather permitting, blackberries are typically available in June.

Blackberries feature uniquely bold and sweet flavors, with just the right amount of tartness to keep things interesting. Once you’ve tasted the earthy richness of farm-fresh blackberries, you’ll never look at grocery store cartons the same way again.

Henry in the field beside a young blackberry plant

There are hundreds of blackberry varieties, including thorned and thornless varieties. The thorned varieties are why blackberries (and raspberries) are often referred to as brambles, as this term references berries that grow on prickly shrubs. We grow thornless varieties for a safe and fun Virginia blackberry picking experience.

Blackberry picking in Virginia

Picking Blackberries

As you pluck your blackberries from the vine, keep these tips in mind:

  1. Be picky: Take a moment to inspect each berry before adding it to your container. Look for signs of ripeness, such as deep black coloring and plumpness. Don’t be afraid to reach deep into the bush for the perfect berry!
  2. Tug gently: Use your fingertips to gently grasp the berries at the crown, giving a slight twist to release them from the stem. Pulling too hard can damage the berries or the plant.
  3. Get your fill: Make sure to carefully place each berry in your basket. You don’t want to return home with a bunch of smushed berries!
Virginia blackberries not ripe for picking
🚫 Not Ripe
Blackberry picking crop in Crozet Virginia
✅ Ripe

Storing and Enjoying Blackberries

If you plan to eat or use your blackberries within a few days of picking, place them in a ventilated container in the fridge. When you’re ready to eat, simply rinse and enjoy! For long-lasting storage, blackberries can be frozen for up to six months.

Whether savoring straight from the bush or mixing into a recipe, the best part of your blackberry-picking adventure is savoring its sweet rewards. These vitamin C-packed fruits are a delicious addition to pies, crumbles, wines, jams, and more.