Farmer Henry amongst the apples

Apple Picking Tips

September 28, 2018  |  Carter Mountain Orchard

Category: Fruit  |  Tags: apples, pick your own

Apple picking with the family is the ultimate fall activity. In addition to our visitor guidelines, here are Farmer Henry’s top tips for a successful orchard outing.
Farmer Henry holding up a red apple

Avoid Underripe Apples

A variety of apples means a variety of ripeness. Once you’re in the orchard, surrounded by beautiful views and fall vibes, all the apples look delicious! Check all the apples on the branch to compare color and size. Look for even color.

Lift and Twist

When you find that perfect apple, lift and twist. The apple should come right off. If it doesn’t, it may not be ready.

Collect All Apples

If another apple falls while you’re trying to get the one you want, pick it up and put it in your bag! When an apple falls off the tree, it’s ripe and ready to eat—probably riper than the one you originally reached for.

Don’t Climb Trees

We know, it’s tempting. But climbing our trees is dangerous both for you and the plants. Broken branches mean lessened production for the following year, and your safety is even more important.

Dress for the Outdoors

It’s Mother Nature, after all! Conditions may be damp or muddy, and getting up close and personal with our apple trees isn’t always the cleanest endeavor. Follow us on Twitter (@ChilesPeachOrch or @CarterMountain) for weather updates.

Farmer Henry driving a truck through the orchard

Keep an Eye Out

We are a working farm, which means trucks and tractors are on the move. Be aware of your surroundings and keep to the sides of the roads.

Check Availability

Looking for the ideal apple for your baking project? Check the availability of different varieties on our website before you visit so you know what’s in store.

Check in With Staff

Even if you’re a frequent visitor (thank you!), check in with the staff when you arrive. They’ll be able to point you to ripe fruit and answer any additional picking questions.