BuzzFeed visits Carter Mountain Orchard
BuzzFeed staff visited Carter Mountain Orchard as part of their "Wine Lovers, We’ve Found Your New Paradise" travel post

BuzzFeed Visits the Mountain

September 13, 2016  |  Carter Mountain Orchard

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BuzzFeed—you’ve heard of them, right? Well, we already knew how amazing Charlottesville (and Carter Mountain Orchard) is, but after their visit in August, we think they’re convinced too!

Apple Cider Donuts“But what if we told you Virginia is wine country, and good wine country at that?” says BuzzFeed. “You’d probably say, ‘No! Biddies. Bonnets. BUTTER.’ That’s what we said too (in not so many words) when we learned we were going to Charlottesville, Virginia, for the Monticello Wine Trail.”

Well, no offense to biddies, bonnets, and butter (who doesn’t love butter?) but us Cville locals know that there’s so much more to Charlottesville than visitors expect. Yes, we have a rich presidential history. And yes, we are home to a world class university (go Hoos!). But we are also rich in local food, craft beverages, and general merriment set against stunning views of the Blue Ridge.

Our BuzzFeed visitors agreed.

“Another must is Carter Mountain Orchard. With its live music nights, cornhole, and apple cider doughnuts, Carter Mountain is extremely family friendly. But you could also just come, spawnless, and drink all the fruit. Try Bold Rock Hard Ciders on tap. Tastefully dry and brisk, these ciders will surprise you with flavor profiles more akin to champagne than juice. And let’s not forget about the WINE SLUSHIES at the Prince Michel Wine Shop on site.”

Some of the other Charlottesville favorites that the BuzzFeed team visited included:

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BuzzFeed staff "Hangin’ out at Tom-Tom’s house, NBD"