Easter Bunny at Carter Mountain Orchard

7 Reasons to Visit Carter Mountain over Easter Weekend

March 17, 2016  |  Carter Mountain Orchard

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Whether you are celebrating the holiday with young children or a house full of grownups, Easter Saturday on the mountain has something for everyone.

1. Join Kids Easter Egg Hunts

Decorate your own Easter egg bag and then the hunt is on! Hard candy and surprise prizes are waiting to be found inside each egg, thousands of which are hidden throughout the orchard. Several egg hunts are scheduled throughout the day for different age groups, including a hunt for special needs children of all ages.

2. Be a Kid Again with Egg Hunt for Adults

Why should kids have all the egg-hunting fun? For those of us big kids who have watched kids Easter egg hunts with a jealous eye, our time is finally here; introducing the “Never Grow Up” Easter Egg Hunt for adults! Hunt for eggs stuffed with local-crafted chocolates, SWAG, wine coupons, gift cards, and #BeBold Member Cards. It wouldn’t be an adult hunt without an adult beverage treat! One lucky big kid will find the extra-large Bold Rock Honeydew Green Egg, which introduces Bold Rock Hard Cider’s new Seasonal Honeydew Cider.

3. Visit with the Easter Bunny

Santa’s fluffy friend will be on the mountain all day to pose for pictures and spread Easter cheer. Over-sized ears, gleaming white fur, fluffy cotton tail—who doesn’t love this human-sized hare?

4. Get Hands-on with Spring Crafts

Kids of all ages can enjoy making tissue paper flowers, coloring, stickers, and more. Did we mention that the crafts are free of charge?

5. Relax with a Hayrides

If you’ve been craving a ride in the open air, rolling down the windows in the car just won’t cut it. Settle onto the hay bales and let our tractor do the work while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the stunning mountain views. Hayrides will run from 11AM-4PM (weather and crowd dependent).

6. Savor Fresh Cider Donuts

Forget marshmallow peeps, we propose a new Easter dessert—donuts! Carter Mountain’s famous cider donuts are packed with cidery goodness and sprinkled with sugar. The long winter left a donut-shaped hole in our stomachs that only Carter Mountain cider donuts can fill.

7. Enjoy Seasonal Adult Beverages

It’s a holiday weekend, relax a little! Both the Prince Michel Wine Shop and Bold Rock Hard Cider Cellar will be open from 11AM-5PM to serve your favorite local adult beverages. As a special treat, Bold Rock will introduce its new honeydew cider.

For more event details, visit the Easter Eggstravaganza events page.