Ticketed Entry

Social distancing at picnic benches with view

To moderate crowd size, we’re limiting access to the orchard grounds and apple picking with a new ticket reservation system. Ticket fee Friday–Sunday, waived Monday–Thursday.

Tickets are required starting Friday, September 11 through Sunday, November 8. We’ll be open daily 9am–6pm.

Once inside our gates, enjoy the Carter Mountain Orchard highlights! Shop for gifts and goodies in our Country Store (with a new directional one-way through), indulge in hot and fresh apple cider donuts from our bakery, grab an ice cream cone or cider slushie, have a bite to eat, head down to Bold Rock Tap Room for pint or to-go hard ciders, pick up apples that are already bagged or boxed, or head to the pick your own information tent for apple picking instructions.

The orchard, of course, is an outdoor and well-ventilated setting, but please keep everyone’s visit enjoyable by keeping your face covering on unless eating or drinking, staying socially distanced, and sticking to the time slot on your ticket. We’re committed to staying masked, helping you stay distanced, and moving the checkout procedure along as quickly as possible. Feel free to ask any of our staff members if you have any questions at all.

Choose the date and time you plan to visit and reserve your ticket now!

Tickets are non-refundable. Your stay is contingent upon you following signage, staff instructions, and visitor guidelines. Social distancing is required.

Why do I need a ticket?

Our new reservation system will help us moderate crowd size to allow you to maintain social distancing.

If you’d like to visit the orchard in-person, including entering the Country Store and Bold Rock Tap Room or go apple picking, you’ll need to have a ticket.

When can I come?

We’re offering 3 ticketed timeslots daily. When you arrive at the orchard, an attendant will review your tickets and give you a wristband that is color-coded to your timeslot.

  • Morning: In any time after 9am and out by 12 (noon)
  • Midday: In any time after 12 (noon) and out by 3pm
  • Afternoon: In any time after 3pm and out by 6pm (closing time)

Choose the date and time you plan to visit and reserve your ticket now!

Who needs a ticket?

Everyone in your small group, even the kids. Even if it’s just you.

Is there a ticket fee?

Weekdays: No

Mondays*, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays:

  • Tickets are required for everyone, but the fee is waived.

Weekends: Yes

Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays:

  • $8/person over 10 years of age
  • Free under age 10 (still need a ticket)

* Columbus Day (Monday, October 12) will have a weekend ticket fee.

How can I reserve/buy my ticket?

Advanced Ticket Reservation

RECOMMENDED: To guarantee the date and time slot you want, reserve your tickets in advance.

Please be prepared to show your tickets at the top of the mountain for access to our parking lot.

On-site Tickets 

If you arrive without a ticket, we’ll accommodate you if we can; however, if we have reached capacity, we will have to direct your car back down the mountain. It’s only fair to everyone.

During Checkout…

To reserve your tickets, you’ll be agreeing to our policies, including following all signage and staff instructions, not bringing pets, not smoking or vaping, and a few other items of importance. Please read our visitor guidelines to make sure it all works for you before getting your tickets.

You’ll also sign off on a COVID waiver. If you’re not feeling well, have been exposed to someone with COVID, or don’t want to wear a mask or stay socially distanced, please leave the tickets for someone else to reserve.

What if I can’t make it?

Sorry, no refunds once your ticket is reserved.

We’re open rain or shine and will only close (i.e. cancel) in extreme weather. Please be prepared to enjoy your visit with us no matter the weather.

Carter Mountain Orchard Scenic Drive-Thru service

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