Pick Your Own Fruit

Farmer Henry picking a green apple from a tree

Carter Mountain offers pick your own fruit, in season. Our picking season is over for 2020 – the next fruit for picking will be peaches, coming in mid-June! Apples typically begin in mid-August.

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Pick Your Own Pick your fruit straight off the tree or plant!
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It looks like no fruit is currently available.
Try selecting a different orchard or giving us a call.

Please note that picking conditions can change day by day, and even hour to hour, depending upon weather and customer traffic. Fruit availability is subject to many variables, including weather, crowds, and other circumstances. We can’t guarantee the availability of any particular apple on any particular day.

Pre-paid Bags & Boxes

Before beginning to pick, you must check-in with orchard staff. We’ll provide picking instructions, let you know what and where to pick, and update you on everything going on that day!

You will pre-pay for your fruit prior to going into the orchard fields. We have two container sizes: Medium Bag (19.99) and Large Box (34.99). For Pink Lady Apples, we offer a Small Bag (15.99), Medium Bag (29.99), and Large Box (44.99).

You’ll need to purchase at least one container for every 2-3 people in your picking party. Those who are not picking should stay in the apple barn area–only picking customers are permitted in the orchard fields.

Bags and boxes can only be used once during your visit; do not empty them out and then refill while at the orchard. Don’t overstuff the bags and boxes.

Picking During COVID-19

Please review our visitor guidelines before your visit for special safety precautions.


We reserve the right to close the fields for picking at any time, due to weather conditions, lack of ripe fruit, non-compliance of our policies, or other unforeseen reasons.

Before Picking

For the afternoon timeslot, please arrive no later than 4pm (one hour before our closing time) for picking.

Limit the size of picking parties to small groups from the same household (including children). Larger parties may be split into smaller groups for picking.

Check-in at our picking station prior to entering the fields.

Pre-pay for PYO fruit : To minimize contact and maximize safety, we will not be weighing fruit this year.

  • Only containers provided by the Orchard will be permitted for picking.
  • No personal bags, backpacks, purses, diaper bads, etc. are permitted in the fields.
  • Do not mix fruits—separate containers must be purchased for each fruit (when applicable).

No Dogs or other pets are permitted on site

While Picking

Maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet from anyone other than your own party and wear your face covering when you cannot.

Do not eat fruit in the fields. You should wash all fruit at home prior to consuming it.

Do not throw any fruit on the ground. Any fruit you touch must go into your picking container. (Parents, watch your children!)

Only pick in the areas you are instructed to enter. Not all fruit is ripe at the same time.

Please exit the fields once you fill your containers so we can allow others to enter.