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Nectarines on Tree

CM field trip – SOLs

The Apple School was very interesting to our kids. It covered the SOLs necessary for that content area. The information sent to us was helpful and useful with our students. All of the staff was very friendly and eager to make it a pleasant experience.

CM field trip – learning and improving

Thank you for continuing to provide such a wonderful learning experience, and for continually improving the efficiency of your operation.

CM field trip – lovely memories

It was a perfect field trip and provided the children with lovely memories and educational moments.

CM field trip – apple school

My children had the most wonderful time going to apple school (they loved it), going on the hay ride, and picking apples. They came back thrilled with all their adventures. Fabulous!

CM field trip – Great time we had

I cannot thank you enough for our fieldtrip. All of the moms in my group are still talking about what a great time we had.

Happy Birthday to You

Happy Birthday to You!