Egg Hunt FAQs

easter egg hunt

Frequently Asked Questions for Carter Mountain Orchard’s annual Easter Eggstravaganza event

Can I purchase tickets the day of the event?

If a hunt hasn’t already sold out, you may also purchase tickets on-site on the day of, up to 15 minutes prior to the beginning of the hunt.

I purchased my tickets ahead of time, but now we can’t make it. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, there are no refunds, unless Carter Mountain cancels the event due to extreme conditions. If you purchase your tickets in advance but find you cannot come, please transfer them to a friend!

Do I need to bring my own basket?

A bag for gathering eggs will be provided! To be fair to all participants, we will use the same size bag during the hunt. You can transfer your eggs into your own Easter basket after the hunt!

I’m running late, can you wait a few minutes?

All hunts will start on time. Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the hunt in order to purchase or pick up tickets, get your bag and instructions, and be in place before the hunt begins.

Even if I arrive late, my child can still participate, right?

The Easter Egg hunts are fast and furious! Even with all the eggs that are hidden, the hunts are over in just moments. Please arrive early so your child can enjoy the event!

I’m just going in with my child to help him/her get the eggs, is that okay?

The Easter Egg hunt is for the children. Parents may view and take photos from outside the designated area and are requested not to enter the hunt. (Please note, in our Chickadees hunt, parents may walk with their child – and please let the children gather the eggs!)

Where do the hunts take place? Are there nice, flat grounds for egg hunting?

As a reminder, we are an orchard, on top of a mountain.  We like to take advantage of our unique location! The hunts are set up in different areas around the farm that may include being in and around the trees. The ground can be uneven and hilly, and possibly wet, depending on weather. Please keep this in mind when dressing your children for the event.

Even though my children are different ages, I want to put them in the same hunt. Is that okay?

We find it most fair to keep children in the proper age groups. Thank you for your cooperation!

What is in the eggs?

Our eggs are stuffed with hard candy and prizes. Parents should monitor their children when they are opening eggs. (For the Chickadee hunt, we use empty eggs and give each participant a bag of candy at the end.)

Oh my gosh, what will I do with all these eggs?

We do recycle and re-use the plastic eggs for future years, so if you don’t want to keep the eggs, please leave them with us in the designated areas!

How many eggs will you hide?

Our Easter Bunny works hard–each year we hide thousands of eggs!